Exec Mentoring

Often executives require the support of an experienced advisor to discuss issues and strategies with. Someone who can provide relevant feedback and support - been there, done that in another life.
The executive team at RT Management provides a structured MENTORING process for different executive profiles within retail companies. Our approach is flexible but structured enough to provide a framework where the executive and the mentor understand their relationship and the interaction and value required from it.
We provide mentoring programmes for the below executive and management levels.

Our mentoring programmes are structured to have as much involvement as the situation requires. As the first step We realise that any involvement in the day to day operations of a business - BIG or SMALL - requires a responsibility of care. Such an intimate relationship can produce major effects - beneficial or the opposite!
We need to be very certain we can contribute positively to the business before engaging at this level.
Our approach is to minutely review the business, it's situation and requirements and overlay our experience and competencies to discover of there is a fit. We have a number of approaches to mentoring but they are all preceded with 2 key tasks which determine our involvement, the level of involvement and the activities and interaction which will occur -