360 Change

Business does not stand still. Those businesses which will survive in 3-5 years will need to almost certainly need to change structurally, in a product and customer sense and in how business is transacted.

RT Management offers 3 key services in regard -

Together with our financial partners, Wingatehouse and/or Domain Capital, RT Management has the breadth of experience and skills to assist on the operational, financial and commercial aspects of a divestment or acquisition strategy.

Property -
Often, a core component of any acquisition is the risk and value of a target's retail and warehousing sites. What lease are we looking at, what is our renegotiation position with landlords, size and quality of sites, costs and so on... Our retail property partner, Rob Hartman of Stenton Creed, has deep experience both as a retailer and property manager. Our own operational experience will also assist in evaluating site and property situations. There will always be the question of cost and sales per square metre - is the cost too high or is the store simply underperforming sales-wise?

Due Diligence -
A key area of value is RT Management's approach to Due Diligence - from both sides! As a purchaser you need to ensure you understand the real situation, but as a target you need as much information on your acquirer as possible - to ensure the best negotiating position as well as ensuring the potential acquirer has the correct profile. In M&A time and effort must be focussed and any compatibility issues and other deal influencing factors should be identified as early as possible.