Retail Peer

RT Management, because of our long involvement and positioning in the Retail Industry, has been perfectly positioned to create and facilitate "Peer Circles" within the industry.

This is a trend taking hold overseas which allows retailers a forum where they can discuss industry issues and drivers together. It allows executives in our industry to network and share information. Of course, certain information will not and should not be discussed.

But we are finding a real need for department specific circles to be established. Within these, department heads can meet their peers and within a basic framework which RT Management will facilitate.

Our first 3 circles are -

We have made some assumptions which we'll need to test over the next 6 months. This will be an evolving situation, which together with the members' involvement will increase in relevance and value as we progress.

TO APPLY - Please email to lodge your interest. We will send you a brochure of the programme and the membership costs - we'll need to cover some basic costs but don't see the annual membership fees as being substantial.

Our first meetings are scheduled for June and July 2008 - for more information email the above address or contact David Gordon on 0412 32 48 49

Any thoughts and comments will be welcome on the above email address.