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RT Management are the premier retail and FMCG professional services and advisory consultancy in Australia and New Zealand. Since 1998 we have been providing companies with practical advice and assistance delivering sustainable business benefits and improvements. Our team consists of experienced operators who have been involved at operational and executive levels within the industry. Not only do we understand the industry, its drivers and competitive sets but we have intimate knowledge of the processes followed.
We have a large database of best practice process principles and industry operational and financial benchmarks - we use these as a comparative basis to identify areas of your business requiring improvement. We follow proven methodologies as part of our services but we do not follow these for their sake only - our clear objective is to improve your business and methodology inflexibility will not stand in our way.

RT Management has an overriding focus - we call this Consultant Integrity (CI). It's our QA approach. All our consultants must address their efforts towards delivering SUSTAINABLE business benefits. All our actions are measured against this. If our proposal, our capabilities and even our clients themselves inadvertently stand in the way, we are all obligated to address these issues!

Our reason to exist must be to deliver commercial value to our clients. Without this we do not have a sustainable business model ourselves!

Company Profile

David Gordon started the business in 1998. Prior to starting RT Management David was a senior member of the retail practice with one of the Tier One consulting companies. David created a retail chain of 60 stores. Through clever management and structuring of the supply chain, a secondary distribution business was established. This was later managed as a separate entity.

We provide -

The main tenant of RT Management is to deliver practical value to clients through -

We are process driven and believe all improvement initiatives must deliver a formal functional process and work flow so as to train, control, monitor and measure

We have offices in Melbourne and work throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are also worked in other countries, namely India and South Africa.


Retail Experience

Since commencing trading in1998 we have completed over 80 projects for retailers and FCMG suppliers.

These projects have had very diverse profiles and this is indicative of our industry strengths

Size -

Technology -

  Supply Chain and Inventory -

Top Line improvement -


Key Relationships

In a nutshell, we understand we cannot be all things to all people.

We have spent considerable time and effort in identifying and establishing relationships with companies we believe are the leaders in their field.

These companies have structures where their principals have direct involvement in their client interactions and show a level of integrity we are comfortable to introduce to our clients.

These are listed below and some of these services are expanded on elsewhere in our website -

Expert Area
Expert Area
Retail M&A
Domain Capital
Retail M&A
Rostering Systems
Pangaea Software
Import Track n Trace
Stenton Creed
Property Leasing
It Services
Store Training
It Services
Retail Training